’Moses’ makes its worldwide debut at the Málaga Film Festival


Last Friday, March 8th, the film premiered at the esteemed Málaga Film Festival in Spain, specifically at Teatro Echegaray, one of the city’s most iconic and historical venues. It felt like stepping into a dream as the screening drew a sold-out crowd and such an uplifting ovation during the rolling credits. Yet, the most memorable moment was walking the red carpet holding the arm of the person that always encouraged me to pursue my dreams: mom.

Fran Guijarro (director)

Moses’s in Diario de Navarra

When a homeless person changes your life: the story of the filmmaker from Malaga who captures the hidden face of the United States.


On January 9th, Diario SUR, the prominent newspaper of Málaga – the birthplace and hometown of filmmaker Fran Guijarro – featured an article capturing Fran’s contemplative insights into his profound and transformative journey during the 15-year filming of ‘Moses’.

‘Moses’, the film that uncovers the musical gift of a homeless person in San Francisco.


Diario de Navarra, the main newspaper from this beautiful region located in the north of Spain, published this article in November as we were finishing the color grading of ‘Moses’ in collaboration with Clau, a local creative production company led by filmmaker Quim Torrents. We also hosted a private, technical screening with some crew members, family and friends in Pamplona, the capital of Navarra.